The Works of Dr. James Robinson Graves
J R Graves
"There is one man who has done more than any 50 other men now living to enable the Baptists of America to know their own history and their own principles, and to make the world know them, and that man is the brother on my right." At that point he bowed to the editor of the Tennessee Baptist. The Baptist Encyclopedia, 468.)
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A Discussion on the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment

The Great Carrollton Debate or the Graves-Ditzler Debate

Great Iron Wheel

John's Baptism, Was it from Moses or Christ?

Old Landmarkism, What is it?

Pedobaptist and Campbellite Immerisions:

Trials and Suffereings

The Tri-Lemma; Death by Three Horns

The First Baptist Church in America: Not Founded By Roger Williams

The Lord's Supper: A Church Ordinance

The Middle Life as opposed to Swendborgianism and Spiritism

Intercommunion, Inconsistent, Unscriptural and Productive of Evil.

The Act of Christian Baptism

The Relation of Baptism to Salvation