By Samuel Trott
Son of God and Godhead
The Sonship of Christ
The Word Was Made Flesh
The Three-Oness of God

By R. E. Pound

Beholding the Unique Being of Jesus Christ
Exaltation of Jesus Christ
The Forms of Christ in His Resurrection
The Form of Christ, As The Divine Equal
Thoughts on Christ's Generation, Eternal or Timely?
The Communicated Glory of God the WORD
A Review of Arianiam
Was Jesus Christ of the Seed of David
A Brief Statement Concerning the Humanity of Jesus Christ
Historical Conflicts About Jesus Christ's Two Substances
Biblical Trinity Views and the Nicenists
No. 0   Actual or Decreed Existence?
No. 1   The Substance of Christ's Manhood
No. 2   The Substance of Christ's Manhood
No. 3   The Substance of Christ's Manhood
No. 4   Was Jesus Christ the Seed of David
No. 5   Christ's Natural and Spiritual Body
No. 6   Jesus Christ as the Father's Heavenly Manna
No. 9   Christ's Self Sanctification
No. 10 The Antiquity of Christ's Mediatorial Office
No. 13 The WORD'S Immutability
No. 14 Jesus Christ the Mediator Before the Incarnation
No. 15 Christ the God-Man at God's Right Hand
No. 17 Nicene's Origin of God the Word
No. 19 The Chalcedonian Debates
No. 21 Christ's Manhood
No. 22 The How of Christ's Deity
Mary's Part in the Incarnation
God the Eternal Word
Why the Ommission of the Three Heavenly Witnessess?
Docetism, A Definition
No. 1  Old Testament Short Studies

Enlarged Views of the Eternal God-Man     


By Edward Drapes
Christ Jesus as the Mediator

By Benjamin Keach
The Suretiship of Christ Opened

By Robinson
A plea for the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
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Ethan Smith
A Treaties on the Character of Jesus Christ

Isaac Watts
The Glory of Christ as the God-Man Displayed
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By Robert Garner
Mysteries Unvailed, The Doctrine of Redemption

Is Jesus the Attribute of Gods Wisdom-JHP

By Hansord Knollys
Christ Exalted: A Lost Sinner Sought,and Saved by Christ.